Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Fox On The Run in Ogden, Utah

Ogden Friends of Acoustic Music
Welcome to the Second Annual Ogden Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Festival

"OFOAM was formed in January of 2008 by Michelle Tanner and her mother Dottie Vernieu with a mission to bring more live music to Ogden, and to provide music opportunities to the youth of Ogden. This notion came after attending a music festival in Flagstaff, AZ, “Pickin’ In The Pines” where they saw the Kruger Brothers.

By partnering with United Way of Northern Utah, OFOAM was able to acquire 2008 R.A.M.P. funds for Kruger Brothers concert June 11, 2008 at Peery’s Egyptian Theater. OFOAM has compiled a talented board of local music consultants and a committee of dedicated volunteers. Due to the success of the Kruger Brothers concert, efforts were aimed towards a yearly Ogden bluegrass and acoustic music festival in June.

Fort Buenaventura was chosen as the site due its beauty, and close location to downtown Ogden while still having a secluded feel. On-site camping provides a great opportunity for jammin’ and fun.

The line-up was chosen for it's talent and diversity. From the beginning, a dream has been to have a festival with many styles of music represented. Thus the name Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Festival. The variety comes in the Acoustic part. Acoustic does not mean unplugged, it simply means playing instruments the way they were intended to sound - without synthesization or distortion. This broadly encompasses many genres. A possible future theme for the OFOAM festival may be a BLUES-GRASS festival, in the true spirit of Don Baker, music promotor extroidenaire who has gone on."

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Cistene Chapel, It Ain't

But still very interesting, don't you think?

Ogden's "Wall Art."

All around the town,

through the trees,

in the lane,

(You know these are bottles, right? I used to try to take pictures of this wall from full-on front and I could never capture the essence--no matter the light or time of day. I think it looks better from an angle like this.)
off the wall--literally and very literally. You can see this bizarre tiger-bunny as you drive down Wall Avenue. Maybe a distant cousin to Jack-A-Lope. I think Homey Jack's got competition!

A bit of a divergence, here, since this mural detail (the whole wall a Tuscan-like village) is painted on an inside wall. This is my not-a-drop-of-Italian-blood-in-him kid brother represented as a capocuoco on the wall in Ligori's Pizza and Pasta Restaurant. It wasn't in memorium when it was painted, but it became that when Michael died almost 20 years ago. He's the Scottish redhead, sporting the Celtic jig pose. He had aspirations to open an Italian Restaurant in Australia.

The cowboy who almost wasn't.

His dad didn't want him riding in the dangerous rodeos, but somehow he managed, quite secretly, at first, to make himself and his horse, Mad Max, famous on 24th--street and of July!

This one is more like a billboard, but it's on a wall and baseball has a place in my heart, so I included it here.

In true mural form, this one must be political, but I can't read the word. Can you?

Another indoor picture sublimely enhancing a wall. Awww..., huh?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where Can I Buy An Abelskivver Pan?

Right here at this family owned specialty shop on H25.

The thing they are most proud of in this store is "Mother's trivet collection."

Now if I just knew someone who could make me some abelskivvers!