Friday, June 26, 2009

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy, Cherry Pie Days of Summer


come from this?

And aren't we glad they do!

Especially glad we have this place righcheer in our own backyard.

Just a short drive north on Highway 89 on your way to Brigham City. You can buy buckets of frozen pitted Montmorency pie cherries or bags of dried pitted cherries. You probably think I have a tendency to say everything is the best of the best, but I really don't. If I say something is wonderful, it is probably more than wonderful -- just like these cherries.

You probably haven't had cherries this good in your life, I don't care what kind of memories you have of picking Bings, Queen Annes or Raniers in your grandmother's back yard, sitting in a tree-house and spitting the pits out over the railing onto the hard, dry ground...or of drooling over the ones your uncle marinated in vodka that your mother wouldn't let you taste. Well, maybe the way you imagined they would taste might possibly taste better than Woodyatt's cherries, but only because you haven't outgrown your desire for the forbidden fruit.

If I were going to be around over the July 4th holiday, I would think seriously about making a really scrumptious mango/lime cherry pie for you. You would probably like it a lot.


  1. You've got my mouth watering! Oh, and where are you going to be on the 4th?

  2. Hillary works at a farmer's market and brought home alot of very yummy cherries. I'm just worried that they'll go bad before we have time to eat them all. But you've given me the idea that maybe I can bake them into a pie. Yum Yum!