Monday, July 27, 2009

Gideon'z Gold

The kid's name is Gideon and this is his honey. He lives in Riverdale and tends the hives with the help of his father. I asked him how his honey is so light and he said the he lets his bees work with white flowers, only. Funny kid.

Check out the honeycomb logo on his label--he said he and his father came up with that on their own. Isn't that a good one? The "G"s formed by the cells of the comb and using a "z" instead of an "s" to make you think "buzz." (Yeah, I explain jokes, too, just in case you don't get the obvious.) Clever kid.

I found this sticky gold at the Ogden Farmer's and Art Market a couple of Saturday's ago. They sold out and weren't there the next Saturday, but rest assured they have my name and phone number to call me when they have a new harvest. The honey tastes as sweet and refreshing as it looks, with a message from the wild flowers still attached to the background. Really, really good honey. Very enterprising and cute kid.

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