Friday, August 28, 2009

Deere Johnny Jumped Up And Made Some Ice Cream

With this old Deere! On the southwest corner of 25th and Washington. Peaches are in season, folks. With the loss of Country Boy's peach pie shake in North Ogden, maybe we can find a replacement of sorts here.
The sign says, "Watch this old John Deere make ice cream."


  1. I think I need a peach pie shake... too bad it is extinct in Ogden. I will look for it in Columbus!

  2. I am intrigued with this. I love John Deere Tractors and Ice Cream, a good combination. How does the tractor make the ice cream?

  3. The engine powers the freezer--I saw this on a travel channel show, too. And I think if you search-engine it, you can find people wanting you to rent or lease or buy a tractor and start your own business or franchise their's or something. This place in Ogden is rumored to be preparing to make and sell soup later in the year.