Thursday, October 29, 2009

Local First, And Then Again

Because there is such bounty here in the Cradle of the Wasatch!!
Sweet Charity at the Washington Heights Baptist Church ginormous craft bazaar and Gathering Place event.

Fresh, hay-fed turkeys just down the road. You can pick up your order Mon., Tues., or Wed. of Thanksgiving Week. We're going on Wednesday just because that's when it's the bustlingest time. All that last-minute activity gives credence to the crackle in the air.

I put up some green-tomato mincemeat pie filling with local ingredients and you know what they say about Utah tomatoes. Used Woodyatt's dried cherries, too. Haven't made the pie, yet, so no picture for you, but wait for it.



  1. I think I just tasted pumpkin pie in my mouth and smelled fall leaves!! OHHHHHH I love this time if year!

  2. The cashier at Walmart told me somewhere in Brigham City they were giving away need for them after Halloween.